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Note some states charge fees for obtaining records. Not all employers will check your driving records. These are generally only obtained for positions in which driving is a large part of the job, such as a truck or bus driver, nanny, etc.

How to Run a Free Background Check on Yourself

Potential employers can look at your credit report not your credit score to determine if you're a financially responsible person, but only if you give them written permission. Credit reports can often have small errors, so it's a good idea to check these regularly. Under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction FACT Act, you're allowed to check your credit report once every 12 months for free from each of the three national credit unions.

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That means you can get up to three credit reports for free a year. To see your credit report, visit the annual credit report website.

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Keep in mind that a credit report does not show your credit score — you need to pay for that separately. If you believe there's an error on your credit report, follow the FTC's guidelines for disputing it.

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Employers or other organizations interested in verifying your education might go through a service like the National Student Clearing House, or they might ask for copies of official diplomas or transcripts. If you think an employer or another organization is going to ask for copies of your transcripts, make sure there are no errors on them.

If you're applying for a job, to school, to volunteer, etc. Be aware though that not all background checks are legally allowed to be used for employment decisions.

How to Run a Free Background Check on Yourself

See our list of free background check services. See our full list of free background check services. Bear in mind that no singular national criminal record database exists. All online criminal background databases are aggregates of various databases—none of them being all-inclusive.

Arizona Department of Public Safety. Home Criminal History Records. The agency may prefer to use a fingerprint card on standard stock.

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You may use the fingerprint card provided by the printing agency as long as the fingerprint card is the FBI blue standard applicant fingerprint card and all information identified in the instructions, including the agency and official taking the fingerprints, has been entered on the fingerprint card. Location Information. Find in Google Maps.