How to find a teachers password

IT Security Announcement for New Password Rules

To make it you can use MD5 for encrypting some phrase like "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" and then you can use the encrypted phrase like a password. Then you must change the default login and password for the control panel, because that can be your last resort for getting access to the router except bruteforce and packet interception.

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There are two ways to do this:. You will see a six-digit backup code that you can pass along securely to your student.

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This code will expire in 20 minutes. Click on the Teacher Page that is shared with the student who needs help:. You will see a six-digit backup code. Write this code down and pass it along securely to your student.

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The code will expire in 20 minutes. Once a student has their login backup code, they can go to your district's Clever Portal login page and click the ' Get help signing in!

Changing Passwords for Users Who Have Logged In

The student can enter their login backup code on the next screen, and click 'Log in'. This will log them into their Clever account! You will see a window where you can set a new Clever password for the selected student:.

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Can't hear audio on some resources? Create a login for every teacher at your school To get the best out of Charanga, each teacher needs their own individual login.

Forgot Your Password (Teacher)

Adding logins for teachers at your school Click on the Workspace tab. See image to the right.

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