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Sex offenders living within municipalities in Denton County have to register with the local police departments in their cities. It is also possible to find registered sex offenders living in Denton County using the statewide registry. The Texas Department of Public Safety provides a searchable database of sex offenders on its website for the public.

Enquirers can search by name and map address. Alternatively, they can choose from a list of institutes of higher education in the county to find registered sex offenders living around these locations. Jail records for Denton County are available on the county's government website.

To find inmates booked into the county's jail, use the search tool on the Denton County Records Inquiry page. The public can find individuals by searching by name, date of birth, and booking number.

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The county also allows the public to search for jail bonds records. Simply visit the Jail Bond Records webpage and search by defendant's name, jail bond company, bond status, and bond post date. Court records for Denton County are available on the Records Inquiry section of the county government's website. These include district court case records and calendar as well as justices of peace and county court calendars. The public can access criminal, civil, probate, and family case records for all county and justice of peace courts in the county.

Regardless of your personal interests, you can find something you will enjoy in Denton County, Texas.

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The outside recreation includes both cycling and pedestrian options. There are trails for both throughout the county that can be used at your leisure. If you simply like to enjoy a nice park, Denton County, Texas, has those, too. There are multiple parks to view, and you may want to consider taking a look into Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch.

For someone interested in culture, there are a number of museums available for you to tour. There are many options to choose from, so do a little research before planning a trip so that you will know where to go for the most exciting places to visit. Regardless of your preferred activity, Denton County, Texas has a number of attractions that helps make it one of the top one hundred most popular United States counties.

To be eligible for an appointment list, an attorney must meet the following minimum requirements:. Misdemeanor Qualification Requirements :. An attorney must be a licensed practicing attorney and a member in good standing of the State Bar of Texas;. Attorney must complete at least ten 10 hours of CLE in criminal law each year. This requirement is waived for the initial application process. All attorneys must file a copy of their Continuing Legal Education annual report form or a list of CLE completed if the attorney has been licensed less than one year no later than October 1 of each year with the Statutory County Court Administrator.

A maximum of five 5 hours of self-study will count toward CLE requirement s. Attorney may carry over up to ten 10 hours in criminal law to the next reporting year.

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An attorney may not have been the recipient of any public disciplinary action by the State Bar of Texas or any other attorney licensing authority of any state or the United States within the last three 3 years. Attorneys appointed must not have been found by any court to have engaged in professional misconduct within the last three 3 years;. An attorney must have the ability to produce typed motions and orders;.

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An attorney shall notify the court administration office promptly, in writing, of any matter that would disqualify the attorney by law, regulation, rule or under these guidelines from receiving appointments to represent indigent defendants;. Attorneys applying for inclusion in the Denton County Statutory County Courts Indigent Defense Plan agree to be bound by and accept as a condition of their appointment the schedule for Court-Appointed attorney's fees for the County Courts of Denton County pursuant to Article 2.

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Attorneys must not be currently under indictment or charged with a criminal offense involving moral turpitude;. Attorneys may not have a judgment or outstanding debt and currently in default to any governmental entity or federally insured program;.

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To be eligible to receive appointments in misdemeanor cases, not otherwise covered under other rules an attorney must:. Shall submit by October 15 each year a statement that describes the percentage of the attorney's practice time that was dedicated to work based on appointments accepted in this in this county for adult criminal cases and juvenile delinquency cases for the prior 12 months that begins on October 1 and ends on September The report must be submitted through the online form to the Texas Indigent Defense Commission.

The Regular List or. The Language Proficiency List. Approval for Appointment List s. In order to be added to the Misdemeanor List, an attorney must be approved by a majority of the Statutory County Court Judges hearing criminal cases.

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Duties and Responsibilities of Appointed Counsel. Appointed Counsel shall make every reasonable effort to:. Contact the defendant by the end of the first working day after the date on which the attorney is appointed. Interview the defendant as soon as practicable after the attorney is appointed;. Attorneys appointed by the Court will preferably be able to speak the language of the defendant. If Denton County does not have at least ten 10 attorneys on the appointment list that have been determined to speak the defendant's language determination is to be made in the same manner Denton County determines to pay their employees for language proficiency then attorneys with an employee proficient in the language will be added to the language proficiency list.

If neither situation applies, the appointment will be made from the regular appointment list, and Denton County will find and appoint an interpreter to work with the attorney. Attorneys that are using employees to qualify for this list must annually October 1 provide an affidavit from the employee. This affidavit must state their name and that they have the capability to communicate in legal terms to meet the language proficiency requirements. If such employee is terminated, the attorney has five 5 business days to notify the courts of termination and will be moved to the non-Spanish speaking appointment list.

However, the attorney can remain on the Spanish speaking list if they are able to provide an affidavit from a new employee that meets the language proficiency requirements.

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Certified interpreters will not be provided to attorneys on the language proficiency list for jail visits, court settings, etc. Attorneys qualifying for the Spanish speaking list shall not bill the county for their language proficient employee nor include this as incidental expenses. Investigate, either by self or through an investigator, the facts of the case and be prepared to present any factual defense s that may be reasonably and arguably available to the defendant. Brief the law of the case and be prepared to present any legal defense s that may be reasonably and arguably available to the defendant.

Be prepared to negotiate with the prosecutor for the most favorable resolution of the case as can be achieved through a plea agreement. Be prepared to try the case to conclusion either with or without a jury.

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Be prepared to file post-trial motions, give notice of appeal and appeal the case pursuant to the standards and requirements of the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure. Maintain reasonable communication and contact with the client at all times and keep the client informed of the status of the case.

Advise the client on all matters involving the case and such collateral matters as may reasonably be required to aid the client in making appropriate decisions about the case. Manage attorney's workload to allow for the provision of quality representation and the execution of the responsibilities listed in these rules in every case. Attorneys appointed are responsible to ascertain whether an indigent client has a pending felony or is subsequently charged with a felony offense to which another attorney has been appointed.

If this occurs, it shall be the misdemeanor attorney's immediate responsibility to inform the Court and the felony appointed attorney so that a substitution may be effected. An attorney must maintain an office that has operational and functional equipment that is able to receive from the courts and appointed clients email, fax, telephone calls and voice messages.