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This Video Of A Rocket Sled Doing 6,599mph At Holloman AFB Is Absolute Insanity

Featuring three days of special events, presentations, social outings, and facility tours, the weekend concluded months of planning and historical research. To make the weekend a reality, a team of TS personnel completed over one year of planning.

Holloman High Speed Test Track

All former commanders and technical directors were invited to the events, along with members of the local community, base leaders, former employees, and current staff and family members. Event planning also included a full year of historical research by squadron personnel. The paper revealed the CIGTF story to be long and varied — complete with numerous name changes, subtle mission alterations, and proposed closures — but consistently with measurable contributions toward numerous defense and space efforts, ranging from testing precision ICBM boost phase guidance systems to evaluating performance of the Hubble Space Telescopes gyros.

However, spending the anniversary weekend with previous CIGTF employees exposed even more new history facts, previously unknown by current squadron members. One of the most interesting disclosures was that a time capsule had been put in place during the installation of the inch centrifuge in the early s.

This bit of trivia was divulged by former chief engineer Grady Nicholson, who recalls that the capsule contained information about the centrifuge itself, along with a projection of how it would be used and which programs it would support. It would certainly be interesting to see how accurate that forecast was, after engaging this exclusive resource in more than 20 years of precision ICBM guidance programs.

Although the TS has three centrifuges, the inch centrifuge, with its counter-rotating head and laser-interferometric measurement of arm stretch, is the most used.

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