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Many citizens brought deeds and other documents to the Clerk's Office to be re-recorded. The tax stamps were only for cash exchanged.

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If there was a mortgage on the property one would have to add the dollar amont of the mortgage to the dollar amount from the conversion of the tax stamps to get the total amount. These stamps were sold at post offices and would be on the deed when presented for recording.

The Federal transfer tax stamps were collected by the federal government until March 26, The state government started collecting the tax the next day. Marriage records are available in many forms. There are marriage bonds, minister's returns, parental consents and marriage licenses.

There is also a "Declaration of Marriage" book with marriage declarations of former slaves.

Judge Orders Kentucky Clerk to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

There are many legendary Americans that have Fayette County connections. Henry Clay moved to Lexington in It was here he became a successful lawyer. He was a US Senator under several presidents. His will is filed in the Fayette County Clerk's Office.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Married in Kentucky

Mary Todd Lincoln was born in Lexington. Mary Todd Lincoln was the wife of the sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln.

Daniel Boone, the great American frontiersman, was a deputy surveyor for Fayette County. John C.

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The Fayette County Clerk's Office has obtained a digital copy of the original Commissioner's Certificate book from The commissioners were appointed on June 26, under an act of the Virginia legislature. William Fleming, Edmond Lyne and John Barbour were authorized to initially serve for eight months, but that time was extended until April 26, Others say they would want clear instructions from state leaders on how to proceed before issuing any licenses. While the Cincinnati-area divide isn't strictly by state line — several magistrates in Kentucky told The Enquirer they'd have no hesitation marrying same-sex couples — most of those who expressed hesitation were south of the Ohio River.

They also were personally opposed to gay marriage and critical of the Supreme Court for taking up the issue. I personally don't agree with it, and I philosophically don't agree with it. Agree or not, the Supreme Court is set to rule on the matter, and their decision is expected this month.

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It's impossible to know just how the nine-member panel will decide, but most following the debate — including some gay-marriage opponents — say they expect the justices to strike down the gay marriage bans in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan. Depending on the ruling's wording, that could pave the way for gay marriage to be legalized nationwide.

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If that happens, Campbell County, Ky. For example, the ruling could spell out that the Supreme Court's decision takes effect at a later date — say, in 30 days — which would give state officials time to answer questions and give clear instructions on what the decision means. But if it turns out that same-sex couples showed up for marriage licenses that very day, Luersen said his office would figure out how to handle it. It's perhaps reflective of the divide among top state leaders in Kentucky.

Attorney General Jack Conway declined to uphold the voter-enacted gay marriage ban, saying it was discriminatory. Steve Beshear fought for the ban anyway by hiring outside lawyers. Both sides have been equally passionate when talking to reporters about their viewpoints on the matter, but it's Conway — not the governor — who dictates how county officials handle marriage licenses. Boone County Magistrate Phyllis Sparks, who performs about two weddings a week, said she opposes gay marriage.

While she doesn't expect her schedule would fill up with same-sex marriage requests were the unions made legal, she hesitated when asked if she would perform them, saying she "would have to see what the liabilities are" if the law changes. Ohio Gov.