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Whether you are preparing for divorce or need representation for adding a family member through adoption, let us provide you with accurate legal advice about your options. There is no reason for you to struggle alone.

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    If your family has an obstacle to push past, call The Stache. All rights reserved.

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    Family Law Attorney Charles Town | Preparing For Divorce | Child Custody

    Assisting Your Family During Difficult Times Many clients who have tried filing for divorce without a skillful lawyer's advice have found that it was very costly to have an attorney fix their ineffective or incomplete divorce agreements after damage had already been done. We have significant experience working on child custody and support issues. Often parents disagree and decide to retain attorneys to work out the details.

    Sometimes the best way to work out custodial responsibility issues with the opposing party is with a strong legal advocate who is prepared to fight for your legal interests.

    In recent years, the concept of a traditional family has undergone a dramatic change, and we understand the importance of safeguarding one's most important relationships. With this in mind, we offer knowledgeable counsel pertaining to grandparents' rights and adoption. In addition, we handle cases involving domestic violence and protective orders.

    Uncontested Divorce in West Virginia

    In some situations, retaining a lawyer and filing for a protective order is the only way to stay safe. In West Virginia, there is no one-year waiting requirement for divorce like there is in many other states.

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    Even so, the legal side of a divorce can consume a great deal of time before resolution is reached. Your time is important and we understand that. That's why when you meet with us we can provide a sound estimate regarding how long your case may take.

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